Experience Africa, and never forget it…
A great time riding in Zambia but truly humbling to see what people have to do to get healthcare we take for granted and the difference motorcycles make.
Stewart James Brown
I came with open eyes, I leave with an open heart. An adventure of cultures bound by a common interest. Live with passion! Thank you.
Jeff Burke
I’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories before. Standing at a health centre [in rural Zambia] reality kicked in. What is my past time [riding a motorbike] is a community’s health line.
James Brown
A very emotional experience. We live to enjoy, they live to survive
Alvaro Bautista
New friends, good riding … what more could you ask for.
Nigel Cary

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‘Our experience of a lifetime’

Gordon Howell, founder and CEO of Pole Position Travel, joined our 2015 Experience Africa trip to Zambia, along with his wife Jana and son Alex. Below are a few extracts from his travel diary, you can read his full blog here. Day 1 In the evening we meet the Riders for Health team and fellow adventurers.… read more

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Posted on 4th June 2015
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