Experience Africa, and never forget it…
I came with open eyes, I leave with an open heart. An adventure of cultures bound by a common interest. Live with passion! Thank you.
Jeff Burke
I’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories before. Standing at a health centre [in rural Zambia] reality kicked in. What is my past time [riding a motorbike] is a community’s health line.
James Brown
New friends, good riding … what more could you ask for.
Nigel Cary
A truly mind blowing experience – the chance to see the work of Riders for Health in the field was a genuine privilege.
Justin Barker
A great time riding in Zambia but truly humbling to see what people have to do to get healthcare we take for granted and the difference motorcycles make.
Stewart James Brown

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Charles Eld: “I’m extremely proud of what I achieved”

In December 2015, Riders for Health ran its first ever Experience Africa trip to The Gambia. One of the participants, Charles Eld, kept a diary of his adventures and you can read extracts from his journal below. The main party flew in to Banjul International Airport and we met up with them at the Kombo Beach… read more

  • Charles Eld: “I’m extremely proud of what I achieved”

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Posted on 19th January 2016

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